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Additional information - herbal remedies

The medicinal use of plants is probably just as old as humanity itself. However, the first concrete historical evidence of their utilisation was dated at 3000 BC: clay tablets engraved with cuneiform characters show treatment recipes with ingredients that were none other than plants. Since then, humans have never stopped searching to unlock the 都ecrets of plants by studying what benefits they can provide.

Nowadays, there has been a surge in demand for a more natural approach to treating illness, be it for humans or animals. Plant based therapy responds perfectly to this modern demand. Scientific progress and research have allowed humans to gain increased insight into the effects of vegetal compounds and plants medicinal properties, whilst simultaneously showing that the traditional utilisation of plants also has its place within a secular society.

As long as horses maintained a natural way of life, horses did not need to have anything to do with the medicinal utilisation of plants. However, their new lifestyle of 2 to 3 meals of hard feed does not follow a horse痴 natural way of life.
Food supplements containing vitamins and minerals will never provide the same substances to the same extent as plants will. Indeed, vegetation contains many medicinally valuable substances which hold, to name but a few, antiseptic, antibiotic, digestion stimulating, blood purifying, calming properties......

One of the greatest benefits of plants is that they are slowly absorbed by the organism, which leaves the body time to adapt and react to them. It generally takes between 10 to 14 days to notice the first effects of the addition of plant based products to the diet. In most cases, the dosage of these products can be reduced after the first 3 to 4 weeks of their usage; indeed, the plants, once well assimilated by the organism, will have reached their optimal level of efficiency. Using a plant based product within the horse痴 diet can be upheld over long periods of time without having any undesirable effects: these plants can therefore be given along with every meal.

As is the case with humans, every horse can react differently to supplementation with plant products. Indeed, some horses will need more or less of a product, some will refuse to eat them whilst others will develop quite an appetite for them. Generally speaking though, most will enjoy and appreciate these supplements. Moreover, certain substances found within certain plants stimulate saliva production.

However, nature does not always yield plants which have positive effects on horses: some are toxic, maybe even deadly. Do not fear though: all of the plants and mixes of plants that we provide are completely safe and of a very high quality. All the same, we recommend refraining from giving any product containing harpagophytum to pregnant mares.

Preventative measures
All too often, we try to tackle the observable symptoms in horses, and not the root of a problem. Clarifying what a problem stems from can often be a very tricky task.
For example, for a tendon problem we will often try a successful treatment, but without trying to understand if the lesion in the tendon was potentially due to an overloading of the forehand or to back pain. The root of the problem can possibly go back even further: where did this back pain originally come from?.....
We understand that such diagnoses are not always simple, but we have also grown to understand that it is better to 澱e safe than sorry, i.e. that it is preferable to prevent a problem rather than to treat it.

This is where plants come in: they are helpful insofar as their effects are non-aggressive and it is possible to supplement your horse with them over long periods of time. Their effectiveness lies first and foremost in the choice of species to use and how to mix different species of plant. It is equally as important to make sure that these plants were cultivated under natural conditions and that they have received the least chemical treatment possible. Fresh plants produce the best effects, followed by dried plants. Macerated plants and liquid extractions will generally have stronger and faster effects.

Equi Natura offers you a range of high quality plant products, specially oriented towards horses.
These plants come from all corners of the world, from places known to have the best growing conditions for each specific plant. Later on, in the laboratory, great care is taken to combine them. This process is done with the help of a phytotherapist and our horses!

All of our formulas are solely made up of plants, and contain no additives nor doping products. Supplementing one痴 horse with plant products has known a surge in popularity, due to the excellent results it achieves. On top of all this, our clients reactions to our Equi知ix and essential oil based products have been extremely encouraging.

There are many ways in which you can supplement your horse痴 diet using plant products:
Equi知ix Mobility is one of our most successful products, and can be used to fight all types of stiffness. We recommend it for young horses during their backing period, for competition horses throughout the season, and for horses who suffer from stiffness after exercise. This is also an excellent product for older horses.
Equi知ix Itch-free is a product which should not only be limited to horses who suffer from sweet itch, but can be used to tackle all sorts of skin allergies.
Equi知ix Respiratory will help your horse fight all sorts of respiratory problems.
Equi知ix Calming is a great product for nervous or stressed out horses, be this due to psychological or physical problems.
Equi知ix Booster will leave those tired horses a little more energised.
Equi知ix Laminitis helps to prevent or combat the harmful effects of laminitis.
Equi知ix Special-mares will help ease the troubles of mares who suffer from irregular or painful hormonal cycles.

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